CNC  Swiss Lathes, CNC Turning Centers, Screw Machines and Grinding Services

When you’re looking for screw machine shops, we know you have a lot of choices. Mandrel has the capability to make a wide range of parts and the expertise to ensure fast delivery of top-quality parts. We have Swiss CNC lathes (screw machines) and CNC turning centers. The products we make start as round or shaped bar or tube. They are transformed into complex parts for an infinite number of applications. The materials we work with include steel, stainless steel, copper, bronze, aluminum and POM, Nylon.

Our equipment allows us to make a wide range of custom screw machine products and turned parts. The production parts vary from 0.4mm to 50.0mm in OD at the widest place and can be up to 1000.0mm long.  Send us your print for a quote.

We are committed to supply screw machine parts to the highest quality standards while offering services that make doing business easy. Mandrel can help you save some cost.


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Precision Machining parts

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